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Eyelash Extensions San Diego is the place to go to get the look you want when it comes to those full long lashes!

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Thank you for finding importance in eyelash extensions San Diego. We simplify beauty, so you don’t have to try so hard. We know how much you want your eyelashes to stand out. We understand that you need services that give you lasting results. Our team is here to give you everything you want in your eye enhancing appointment.

With eyelash extensions you are sure to stand out in the crowd. Your eyes will bring a bold entrance into any occasion and have people wishing they had your lashes. We give you eyelash

extensions that last.

We offer services that will elevate your eyes and make them sparkle. Our services include highly pigmented eyelash tinting, the most eye opening eyelash lift San Diego provides, and the most amazing lashes San Diego has ever administered. We will always make you feel fearless with your beautiful eye improvements.

San Diego eyelashes

About Eyelash Extensions San Diego CA

We employ the most experienced and exceedingly trained staff of lash technicians. Our lash bar San Diego gives you the courage to take on any occasion. You will leave us feeling the confidence that you should always be feeling.

We value our clients and want to give them long and beautiful eyelashes. We know that an adventurous new look will be the highlight to your day.

When you take the leap and get eyelash extensions, you are giving yourself the self care that everyone needs. Accentuate the natural

beauty of your eyes at every appointment.

Our mission is to make you feel unique and one of a kind. We can easily give this to you by tailoring your lash style set to fit your desired look.

We give the most one of a kind and the best eyelash extensions San Diego can offer because we are trained to map out the eyelashes to fit your life, your eyes, and the look you are wishing for.

San Diego and surrounding areas benefit from having confident women in the community. Confidence starts with feeling good and eyelash extensions will always make you feel better than ever.

You need to put yourself first and come visit us for the most gentle and calming appointment of your life.

Why choose us?

We are the number one salon because we are passionate about applying the best fake eyelashes San Diego has ever witnessed. We see lash application as an art and want to make beautiful masterpieces with every eyelash extension set.

We have been giving the community the most luxury lashes San Diego has seen for many years. We are deeply connected to the women in our city and want you to have the very best eyelashes.

We know that the integrity of your own eyelashes is important. Each lash artist takes great care in the safety of your lash application. Your eyes are safe around us.

We think it is important that:

  1. Your lashes are applied by someone who is highly trained and wants to continue to be educated on the latest techniques and new and improved tools and materials.
  2. Our salon is alway in tip-top shape. We thoroughly clean and sanitize all of our tools and lash application areas after each appointment. We want to keep your lashes free of any bacteria.
  3. Your opinion and wishes are heard and implemented. We value your opinion and want you to be happy with the lash style that we apply on you.

We want to hear from you as soon as possible so we can schedule an appointment for you. We book up fast and want to have the chance to meet you and apply the fluffiest eyelash extensions San Diego has ever provided to you.

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What to expect?

san diegoeyelashes extensions

We uphold the highest standards for a lash bar San Diego. Our clients continue to rebook with us because it is impossible to find anything better than what we offer.

We are particular in the materials and tools that we choose to use on you. The adhesive we use to apply your eyelashes is high grade and free from formaldehyde. We cycle through the glue fast enough so you are always getting fresh adhesive for your lash set.

There are a couple steps we need you to take before you come to your appointment. These steps include:

  • Refrain from consuming any caffeine or lots of water before your appointment. You want your body to feel comfortable and you won’t relax if you can't lay still or have to use the restroom.
  • ash all of your makeup off and thoroughly clean your eyelashes to make sure that your eyelashes are free from any mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow.

When you arrive to your appointment the steps will include:

  • You will be greeted when you walk in and we will take you back to where your lashes will be applied.
  • You and your lash technician will plan out your lash application and will go over any questions that may arise.
  • You will lay back and relax while we make you flawless.
  • We will book a fill appointment to ensure a standing appointment to keep your lashes full.

The steps we need you to take after your appointment are:

  • Do not get your eyelashes wet for at least 1 day or 24 hours.
  • When your lashes are ready to get wet, it is important to clean your eyelash extensions daily.
  • Do not tug or pull on your eyelash extensions because they will not stay full or grow back properly.
  • Keep up with your fill appointments to keep the fullness in your San Diego eyelash extensions.


From the fluffiest eyelashes San Diego has to offer to the quickest lash lift San Diego administers and the boldest eyelash tinting San Diego has applied, we are sure to give you the services you have been looking for. We always use proper technique and steps for every service to give you the same great look every time you see us. Don’t settle for average when you can be extraordinary when you visit us.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

This service is the most common lash technique that we provide. The thickness size of the fake lashes that are used start with .15mm. A thicker diameter can be used if your natural lashes are thick themselves. This technique uses a ratio of 1 to 1 synthetic lash to real eyelashes. This service is great if you want to add thickness to your lash line and lift your natural lashes.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

This service is a great option to transition from the classic style to the volume style. The thickness of the lash extensions range from .8mm to .15mm and they are blended together to add a seamless translation. The hybrid lash set mixes volume fans and classic single lashes to each of your natural eyelashes. This will add volume to your eyes but also keep the more natural look.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

This service is the most popular style for people that want to break away from the natural look and be more bold. This lash set uses lashes that have a diameter of .8mm and they're made into lash fans. Each fan is placed on a single natural lash. This set is weightless yet gives you the fullness that you’re looking for if you have thinning eyelashes.

Extreme Volume Eyelash Extensions

This service will give you the boldest and most dramatic eyelash extensions San Diego has to offer. This lash style uses a fan of lashes with a diameter of .6mm or thinner. The fans are each placed onto a single natural eyelash. These lashes are featherweight, but give you ultimate fullness.

Eyelash Extension Fill-in

This service is done every 2-3 weeks. It is done on clients that have 40-70% of their previous false lashes still attached. The process is faster than an initial set and can be done with any lash extension style. If you have less than 40% of your previous fake eyelashes still attached, you do not qualify for a fill-in and will need to get a new set put on.

Eyelash Lifting

This service is done by perming your natural eyelashes. The lash lift curls your natural eyelashes giving you longer eyelashes with a thicker look.This service lasts many weeks. You can customize your lash lift curl to be more natural or more dramatic. Our eyelash lift materials are high quality and safe for your eyes. You are sure to have the best lash lift San Diego has around.

Eyelash Tinting

This service gives your natural lashes the pop of color that they are lacking. The process is done by placing special lash coloring creme to your natural eyelashes. This service can be compared to the process of coloring hair. We use products that will not hurt your eyes or your eyelashes. You can choose from many pops of color to pick the one that best suits your needs

Eyelash Extension Removal

Your eyelash extensions will be able to be removed whenever you want. The lash removal procedure is painless and will keep your natural lashes as strong as they were before your lash extensions. The removal cream is safe to be used around your eyes and does not cause any burning or discomfort.

About San Diego

San Diego is in California on the Pacific Coast. It is known for its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and laid back vibe. It is home to the Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, and many museums.

With A population of nearly 1.430 million people, it ranks as the 2nd largest city that is in California and has the 3rd largest urban area in California as well.

San Diego was voted the best city to start a small business. A lot of the economy comes from military, international trade, and tourists.

The surrounding cities of San Diego include:

  1. Mira Mesa, CA
  2. University City, CA
  3. Pacific Beach, CA
  4. Peninsula, CA
  5. Uptown, CA
  6. La Jolla, CA
  7. Corondo, CA
  8. Mission Valley, CA
  9. Ocean Beach, CA

Happy Clients

I can tell that the lash artist took the time to make sure all of my lashes were properly separated to make sure my eyelashes could grow and shed without damage. I felt so welcomed in the salon and I can’t wait to go back.

Elizabeth G.

My eyelashes are so full and fluffy! They are weightless and I love everything about them. The salon atmosphere was so relaxing. I wanted to stay longer because I was so relaxed.

Tara R.

The team at the salon is so knowledgeable. THey knew exactly what style of lashes would work with my eye shape. Everyone was so kind the whole time I was in the salon. I love my eyelashes!!

Becca L.

Frequently asked questiona

How long do eyelash extensions usually last?

The longevity of your eyelash extensions depend on what you do to take care of them at home. It also depends on the quality of the application and the glue used to apply the best false eyelashes. The longest lasting lashes San Diego applies are from our salon.

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

Eyelash extensions San Diego prices are different for all services. We are happy to let you know what the cost of your appointment may be if you want to give us a call before your appointment.

Are your natural lashes ruined with eyelash extensions?

We take the utmost care of your natural lashes. Our application technique ensures that there will be zero damage to your natural eyelashes. The best false lashes San Diego will apply on you will be from our salon.

Where can I get San Diego eyelash extensions?

If you have been googling and looking for “eyelash extensions near me” or “lashes near me” and you stumbled upon us, you know we apply the best eyelash extensions San Diego has ever seen in and around the community.

Can eyelash extensions be applied on yourself?

The techniques we use that cause zero damage to your natural eyelashes take time, practice, and lots of certifications. We do not recommend ever doing your own eyelash extensions.

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